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Vision And Discipline

Interior design is not only vision and discipline, it is organisation and teamwork. Over the four decades of his professional career, Celeste Dell’Anna has developed a unique system of project management, in part inspired by his collaborations in the world of stage and cinema, including the Oscar winner Gianni Quaranta and Milan’s Teatro Alla Scala.

Rather than retain multitalented staff on a permanent basis, Dell’Anna, working like a film studio, takes on the personnel specifically qualified to work on each project. This gives him and his clients flexibility and cost effectiveness unparalleled in the field.

Clearly such challenging undertakings as the interior design of M/Y Fortuna in use of the Royal Family of Spain (2000), or of the Imperial suite of Milan’s historic Hotel Principe di Savoia (2012), or of the 12,000 sq. m. Exclusive Palace in Kum Ming, China (2016) required inordinate degrees of superintendence, coordination and, above all, teamwork.

Aesthetics rather than logistics

Achieving Synergy

Dell’Anna’s team assists the designer in creating conceptual plans based on their foreknowledge of how the spaces within a building can achieve synergy with the interiors he designs. This is seen in the vivid and detailed renders, which present the final appearance of a project from both internal and external perspective, and in the meticulously executed floor plans that show the spaces divided practically and harmoniously. Steeped as the designer is in world culture and the art of his native Italy, this last requirement is a sine qua non.

“For me the project is the measure of all things,” Dell’Anna once said. Today, the project management system in operation in his studio works like clockwork to realise the designer’s vision of the client’s ideal.

Aesthetics rather than logistics, after all, is ultimately Dell’Anna’s métier, while the design team he painstakingly assembles to meet the challenges of a particular commission is there to address all practical issues that arise.

Where memory and the eye work in concert to enhance the owner’s sense of private dominion.

Celeste Dell’Anna

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